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Divine Swim Jigs – 6th Sense Fishing.

That extra rod length translates into sweeping much more line on the hook set. Second, the softer rod tip will flex more while retrieving the lure. When a bass charges the swim jig, that flexed rod will relax signaling a strike. An additional note that goes without saying, but watching your line during swim jig retrieves is imperative as well. 27/07/2011 · Swim jig fishing is fast and furious and the fish are full of spunk when you hook and fight them to the boat. It’s not a light line, light rod technique. A lot of guys swim a jig with braid. I prefer 17- to 25-pound monofilament for several reasons.

Divine Braid Swim Jigs. The Braid Swim Jig is the latest addition to the Divine Swim Jig series. All the same advantages as the standard Divine Swim Jigs, but with a heavier gauge 5/0 siwash braid hook that allows you to pull the jig through the heaviest of cover with higher strength rods and braided line. 17/04/2019 · When and how to use the swim jig. Boyd has three go-to options when water hits the bushes: a spinnerbait, a swim jig and a bottom bait for flipping. The bottom bait is reserved for when the fish are really locked down. Maybe they’re spawning, the.

The CastAway Bill Lowen Signature Skeleton V2 Swim Jig Casting Rod provides the strength and comfortable feel that anglers desire. Designed and tested by Bassmaster angler Bill Lowen, the Skeleton V2 Swim Jig combines a durable 30/40 Ton blank with a Pac-Bay Minima reel seat to make the rod impressively lightweight. Nik Autrey Swim Jig Bass Pro Nik Autrey tells how and why the swim jig catches him lots of big fish. In the right conditions, fishing shallow cover with a swim jig can be a deadly technique. To pigeon-hole this rod as only a frogger is a mistake. Our Alpha anglers proclaim the Zilla as the ultimate heavy cover swim jig rod. Other's have claimed it's the best rod for a 1/2oz jig, or deep water football head on 12lbs test. Swim Jig Rod Blanks: The heart of Zilla's.

How to Choose a Swim Jig for Bushes - FLW.

Bass fishing with Swim jigs has increased in popularity the last few years. This video is full of tips and tricks to make you more effective at fishing a swim jig. Matt breaks down everything you need to know from jighead design, jig colors, jig trailers, swimbaits, etc. Phenix Swim Jig Original Vibrator Jig Without Blade $3.59 - $4.09 12 Colors. Picasso Hank Cherry Straight Shooter Pro Jig. $4.99 Closeout. Picasso Straight Shooter Jigs. $4.27 8 Colors. Picasso Swim Jigs. $4.49 4 Colors. Real Deal Tungsten Swim Jigs. $4.89 - $5.39 17 Colors. Revenge Swim. 22/05/2011 · Re: Powell swim jig rod Post by 21farms » Tue Apr 05, 2011 12:30 pm i have one and love it. it is a 723-MHCEF and weighs 5.4 ounces but balances great in the hand. i've only used it for swimjigs and swimmin' flukes on 1/2-ounce open hook jigheads so far and it handles them great. i would definitely use it for soft jerkbaits. 20/12/2016 · Swim jigs are some of the most effective and versatile lures around, and that isn’t lost on John Cox. Swimming a jig fits the Forrest Wood Cup champ’s shallow style perfectly, and he seems to always weigh in bass caught with the technique. To get the most out of swimming a jig, Cox has done a lot of experimenting and says he’s.

In my opinion, the best swim jig stick on the planet is the Denali Kovert LT 723WJ. The rod handles both 1/4- and 3/8-ounce jigs very well. People vary some on their rod choice here, but I strongly suggest using something at least 7’ and something in the Medium Heavy range. Choose a swim jig rod you believe in and build your system around that. Selecting the right jigging rod is the first, and most important decision you need to make if you want to be successful jig fishing for bass. Using the wrong rod will not only affect your casting, but cost you many missed fish.Bass jigs. Selecting the Right Rod and Reel for Swimming a Jig. Rod choice for me is typically a 7-foot, 3-inch medium-heavy. That rod size offers enough backbone to get fish out of heavy cover but also has enough tip to make accurate casts and prevent premature jerks that often lead to missing a bass when swimming a jig. Hard Baits Crankbaits Hard Swimbaits Jerkbaits & Rip Baits Blade Baits & Spoons Topwater Lures Soft Baits Creature & Craw Baits Finesse Baits Grub Baits Soft Swimbaits & Minnows Plastic Worms & Stick Baits Fishing Jigs Bladed Jigs Casting Jigs Flipping Jigs Football Jigs Swim Jigs Spinnerbaits & Buzzbaits Buzzbaits Inline Spinners Spinnerbaits.

Fact is, any jig lure retrieved as a swimming jig can catch a bass, sooner or later. But, if you want to increase your odds of getting bit use a jig designed as a swim jig. The overwhelming size of swim jig fished is 1/4 ounce though they come as small as 1/8 ounce for very shallow water and can be found as large as 7/8 ounce for deeper water. The rod and reel used is an important part of fishing the swim jig. Lucas prefers a Powell 765 SBR rod with a high speed Revo SX reel. “The rod I use is really a light swimbait rod, and it makes sense since I fish a swim jig much like I would a swimbait. It’s just an awesome all-around rod and works great for this,” states Lucas. 12/07/2011 · I hate owing an orange fishing pole, but my 7’2″ Carrot Stick Crankin rod coupled with braid has turned out to be one sweet swim jig rod. I started out throwing swim jigs on a 7’0 MH Avid, but lost a ton of fish on it for one reason or another so I started experimenting and found the crankin rod with braid is the way to gofor me anyway.

Find Fishing Gear like theSt. Croix - Mojo Bass Series - Slop-N-Frog / Swim Jig along with other tackle and supplies here at Tackle Supply Depot! The ultimate in versatility, there are almost as many ways to fish a swim jig as there are places to throw one. Start out with long casts to cover, and slowly wind the bait back on a steady retrieve. If that doesn’t work – mix in some twitches, pauses, and shakes of the rod tip to induce strikes. It’s a major part of my fishing now, and I don’t roll out of the dock at many events where I don’t have a swimming jig tied on.” Swimming a jig is more than a major part of Lowen’s bass fishing strategy; it’s his trademark, and few, if any, do it better. Certainly, no. The Bryan Schmitt Signature Swim Jig Rod by Fitzgerald Fishing is a rod designed to take your swim jig fishing to the next level. Designed by FLW Tour Champion and world renowned swim jig specialist Bryan Schmitt himself.

18/02/2011 · Fishing a swim jig is like fishing a slow spinner bait, and at times when I drop the jig for the purpose of hoping to get a bite on the fall. Either way I take into consideration where I am fishing. If I am on the delta or clear lake I throw a little heavier power rod. I like seven foot rods. Bryan Schmitt, who recently finished second in the Bassmaster Open tournament on the Harris Chain in Florida, joins The Bass University to talk about the tackle he uses to fish a swim jig for bass. Bryan talks about the rod size and action he likes, the type and size of line he fishes and the gear ratio reel for fishing a swim jig. Advanced Swim Jig Tips. As for equipment, McCall, Branum and Newberry agree a high quality strong, heavy action rod at least seven foot in length should be used when fishing a swim jig. McCall will switch up to a seven foot medium heavy action when fishing the finesse swim jig model. Leading up to this point I didn’t see the need to purchase a higher end rod and reel for a reaction bait type presentation, but I wanted to see that if throwing a swim jig all day with a lighter rod and reel would make a difference. It does. 12/06/2017 · Right now I use a reaper rod 7'3" mh fast action, very versatile rod, though a little heavy for this technique. I'm trying to get TW to carry the Bill Lowen swim jig rod which is a Castaway V2 Skeleton rod specifically designed for this application!

Swim Jigs - Tackle Warehouse.

17/05/2011 · Swim jigs - medium line weight, fished in light vegation, around wood or weed edges and the MH would be the choice to impart the swimming action for the swim jig, similiar to fishing a spinnerbait. Jig - heavy line, fished in heavy vegation, grass mats, wood, or rock piles. Heavy rod gives you the added power to haul bass from heavy cover.

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